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4 x 2 Pers, 150 m from beach

8 fős szállás
4 x 2 Pers, 150 m
from beach

kiadó szállás
2 x 2 Pers, 400 m from beach


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Balaton awaits you in centre of Europe. The largest lake in central Europe has a depth of only 4 metres average. That makes possible that the water can become 24-26 degrees warm in the sommer. Houndreds of metres of shallow beach along the southern cost makes the lake a real family-friendly holiday region.
Besides the lake the Hungarian country offers you a lot of possibilities for finding relaxing activities for the whole family, such as fishing, riding, sailing, trecking, riding bike or just enjoying great wines from the region.
If you and your friends are more interested in night life after having spent the day with fun on the free beaches, Balatonlelle is the second biggest party-centre after Siófok at the lake, and after all in the whole country during the summer.
Explore Hungary's famous hospitality, spend your holiday gaining precious experiencies.

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Rent a sailboat on Balaton!
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